Blythewood’s Take on the First Nine Weeks

Blythewood’s Take on the First Nine Weeks

Ashley Fisher

The first nine weeks of the 2019-2020 school year have come and gone, and it was a busy one at Blythewood High School.

Blythewood started the year strong on Wednesday, August 21st. Everything went as smoothly as a first day could go, including little to no confusion on the new traffic patterns in front of the school. 

Homecoming was fun, but cut a little short due to inclement weather. Monday was a school holiday due to Labor Day, which meant one less day to dress up. Tuesday was “Goodnight Griffins,” and the Bengals came to school in their cutest pajamas. Wednesday was “Dynamic Duo Day,” and students and teachers grabbed their best friend and came dressed as a pair, and some people twinned. Thursday brought Hurricane Dorian and a closed school, so “Decades Day” was brought to halt. Finally, Friday was “Neon Nation,” and students and faculty wore their brightest neon. The Bengals defeated Fairfield Central, 35 to 21, at the game Friday night. Haley Nord was crowned Homecoming Queen, and Rhett James was Homecoming King. “I felt that homecoming turned out to be a huge success. Everyone dressed up and remained determined to make it a great week even though we missed a day due to the hurricane,” said senior Harrison Gignilliat.

Hurricane Dorian was incredibly devastating to many places in the southeast region of the United States, so Blythewood encouraged the collection of supplies to donate to victims. Parents, students, and teachers brought in canned goods, clothing items, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and more for victims of Dorian. “Blythewood has a tradition of standing up for those in need. Hurricane Dorian aid continues the tradition started several years ago with the floods from setting up a family with a full house hold to collecting items hurricane evacuees may need. There are always opportunities to be a part of the community,” said English teacher Claire Robinson.

Dress code was the talk of the first quarter. Many students and parents were outraged for the first few weeks because of the harsh reinforcement of the rules, causing many females to miss lots of valuable class time because their clothing was a distraction. This uproar stopped after a few weeks as most teachers and administrators began to scale back the enforcement of these rules. Freshman Laura Lucas said, “At the beginning of the year I thought the dress code was very targeted towards females more than males and was ridiculously strict. However, it has gotten better these past weeks and is now more fair.” 

The first quarter was also a great time for Blythewood Athletics. Girls’ Golf won the Upper State Championship and advanced to state. Varsity Volleyball was crowned region champions and made it to playoffs, where they won the first round and will play in round two at home on October 29th. Girls Tennis is also region champions and will be going to the playoffs. There were also many Bengal swimmers who advanced to State. The four who advanced were Joshua Coven, Eden Bulleman, Conan Gust, Daniel Brown, and Sarah Axtell.  

Senior Elizabeth Nutter shared her thoughts and feelings of the first nine weeks. She said, “Overall the first nine weeks was successful. Student activities did a great job of providing multiple chances for the student body to get involved. Even though homecoming was rained out by hurricane Dorian, other activities were provided and sports were advertised which made up for it.” 

Lisa Ellis, a teacher at Blythewood High School, said,  “I think the first nine weeks went by really fast. However it was an exhausting nine weeks as the first nine weeks of the school year usually is. I’m glad we are in the second quarter.”

Overall, the first quarter was a great time for Bengal Nation. Students, parents, and teachers are all very excited to see what the rest of the semester and school year holds.