The sweaty truth about Birkenstocks


Lisa Ellis

A BHS teacher wears Birkenstocks to teach.

Almost everywhere people look nowadays, people are wearing the famous Birkenstocks. They are ‘Jesus like’ sandals that accent your feet in a personalized way.  But some people wear their mom or best friend’s Birkenstocks and they don’t feel the same, why? What makes Birkenstocks so special? What makes Birkenstocks Birk?

Birkenstocks were designed in 1774 when a German shoemaker began crafting shoes in a small village. Yes, the shoes have evolved since then, but Birkenstock clog and sandals have been bought for their comfort for more than 200 years later.

To fans, Birkenstocks are known for their amazingly comfortable footbed. Since 1897, Birkenstock footwear has been designed with contoured insoles to provide more comfort. Birkenstock shoes also have curved footbeds made from cork and rubber for more durability and stability. But the remarkable advantage of Birkenstock is that as you wear them, they conform to your feet through wear and sweat. The sweat breaks down the cork molecules in the shoe and it shapes around your foot over time, this makes the sandals personalized to your foot. That is why your friend’s Birkenstocks are not going to feel as good on your feet as your own pair. 

Megan Dinkins, a sophomore at Blythewood has had her pair for a year now. “I love my Birks. They are so comfortable that I wear them all year long.”