Blythewood students prepare for bowling competition

Students at Blythewood High School have worked very hard to prepare for the Special Olympics bowling event that was planned to be played Monday, October 7th. The games were to take place at Century Lanes on Fort Jackson. 

“We’ve been practicing for the Special Olympics bowling since the beginning of school,” said Mr. Fulmer. All students continuously expressed how excited they were for this event.

The games did end up being rescheduled, but they still went to practice more at a real bowling alley rather than the school’s small gym. Students bowled two games on October 7th at Royal Z Lanes and had lots of fun! James Shive was the class’ highest scorer with a score of 128 on his first game.

The Special Olympics event was rescheduled for November 18th and will take place at Century Lanes. This gives the athletes more time to practice and perfect their skills so they will be even better than they were before. 

The players are very excited, and would love to get their peers excited too! Check back after the games take place to see how the students’ hard work paid off!