‘Period Pooh’ becomes favorite slang among Blythewood students


BHS students Jalen Phelps, Harleigh Pennington, Avery Romriell, Anna Grace Taylor, and Jakobi Canzater share about their day.

Period, or period pooh. That’s it, those are the words. I’ve heard “period pooh” so many times that if I had a dime for every time I heard it or said it myself, I would be a billionaire. “Period” or “period pooh” means “facts” or “exactly”. 

All in all, this generation has their own slang. From the 80’s with “Bogus” or the 90’s with “Bangin”, slang changes from generation to generation and decade to decade.  It could be used gassing your friend up or understanding what someone means or says. It could even be used to end a conversation or a sentence.

Here are some words that you can find in the vocabulary of students here at Blythewood: “Period/period pooh”, “highkey”, “bet”, “saweetie”, “gassing/hyping”, “on baby”, “on jah”, and “secure the bag.” One of the reasons these words became popular is due to the influence of social media and music. From the City Girls making their signature catch phrase “period”, to Lil Uzi Vert and Gucci Mane’s “Secure The Bag,” young people are very quick to hop on new trends that they see on social media or on TV. 

“I feel like everyone has their own slang or special words that they use in their everyday life,” said Blythewood sophomore Trent Fairbanks. “I’m from South Florida and we Floridians have our own special way we communicate. I feel like the words I use represent where I come from and they make me feel special and proud to be from South Florida.” 

Xavier Lovett, and 11 grader at Blythewood, also stated, “I don’t really use slang. I mean, there are cuss words that I use, but I only say those around my friends and not in front of my parents or adults. I mean my parents let me say the occasional “damn” or “hell”, but to me those are mild compared to what I hear other kids say.” 

Each generation has their own special words and terms that they use to talk to each other and to describe things. PERIOD POOH.