Annual district rally sparks a variety of opinions

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  • Spring Valley Cafeteria, student councils get spirit- Lydia Kim

  • In the Spring Valley Cafeteria, student councils dance. -Lydia Kim

  • Alexandra Davis and Alexandria Hatchell walk into Spring Valley. -Lydia Kim

  • Macy Moran and Abbie Slatton, walk into Spring Valley. -Lydia Kim

  • Abbie Slatton, Alexandria Hatchell, Alexandra Davis, Macy Moran, pose in front of the Blythewood sign. -Lydia Kim

  • Alexandria Hatchell, Macy Moran, Alexandra Davis, Abbie Slatton, Trysta Kerekes pose for a picture. -Lydia Kim

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“Lead is a verb, it’s an action. If your leading does not make someone want to move, you are babysitting,” declared Andrew Thomas, Spring Valley High School graduate. 

On October 18, 2019, multiple student council members from different schools gathered together at the SCASC Annual District Rally.

District Rally is a way for student council members to learn new leadership skills to better their community and school. It also teaches how to plan new events and assemblies for their school.

“I think district rally motivated me to become a better leader because when I was there I learned leadership skills that I can use daily around my school and outside of my school to be a good example to people around me,” said Macy Moran, a junior at Blythewood High School Student Council.

Senior Kashish Advani at Blythewood High School claimed that the district rally, “showed me how different schools incorporated leadership and how to better their own school, allowing me to get more inspired and learn.”

Another senior at Blythewood, Janina McDuffie, explained that, “it taught me a lot about how to get out of my comfort zone and learn new techniques to art and posters. Also how my leadership skills can be used to make my community a better place.”

Although, not everyone attended to the rally, everyone has different opinions on how the rally motivated them directly. 

Kristy Koelsch, a junior at Blythewood High School who did not attend to the rally, explained that, “I saw some of my friends in photos and videos at district rally, it didn’t really make me want to be more involved, but it looked fun!”

Skyler Anton, another junior at Blythewood High School that had not been to the rally, had a different opinion, “I thought District Rally looked like a fun environment to be a part of and it really inspired me to join student council!”

Overall, the District Rally stimulated positive opinions and continues to inspire Blythewood students to get out their and use their leadership skills to their advantages.