Staying safe in today’s world


Mallory Hemphill

As time progresses, being safe becomes more difficult. The world is shrinking, metaphorically, and not all good people have good intentions. In 2016, there were 25,432 violent and 160,575 property crimes in South Carolina. There were 4,035 robbery incidents and 2,387 rape incidents in 2016 as well.  It is important to be vigilant to remain safe.
When planning to go out, bring a couple of trustworthy friends. Carry an ID, purse, wallet, and money, just in case.
Take precautions when going out. Lock the doors when leaving the house and even when at home. Know how to get to your destination and how to get back home safely. Have a reliable friend follow you to make sure you get home safely. Make the right choices when going out. 
Lastly, keep up with belongings, like keys, ID, and personal items. Be safe out in this world. Bad things happen.