Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer

breast cancer walk

Savannah Miller

Over 458,000 people die from breast cancer each year, but it affects many more,  including friends and family.

Jalore Thomas says, “My grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. She went through a lot of treatment and was in the hospital for weeks at a time. She lived with cancer for almost two years before she passed. Her passing affected me in many ways. I try and do all that I can when it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month because I want to support her and make sure other people are aware of this disease.”

Breast cancer awareness month was first celebrated in 1985. During the month of October, people participate in walks, donate money, and host other public events. The ribbon for this month is pink. The ribbon was originally peach but was changed to pink in 1992 due to copyright reasons. 

The Checkup states, “Breast cancer treatments are very expensive and the cost depends on the stage of cancer. Stages 1 and 2 of breast cancers cost an estimate of $82,121, stage 3 costs an estimate of $129,387 and stage 4 costs an estimate of $134,682.” Because treatments can be very expensive, many organizations fundraise to help offset the cost to families. 

According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, the families and friends of people who suffer from breast cancer are affected by this disease as well. According to the American Psychological Association, “When one member of a family has cancer, the whole family is affected.” Patients need lots of emotional support from their families and friends. Children can often sense emotional tension in the home, including anxiety, fear and uncertainty, brought on by a breast cancer diagnosis. 

Organizations such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Breast Cancer Research Foundation hosts events and collect money for this cause. Organizations like this run different fundraisers and collect over 6 billion dollars each year that goes towards cancer research. The money that the National Breast Cancer Foundations raises goes towards helping breast cancer patients navigate the treatment process. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation uses its money to discover a cure for breast cancer.