Recent Cases Show Vaping Can Lead To Lung Collapse


Lydia Kim, Writer

BLYTHEWOOD– Recent cases of teenagers has some raising concerns about vaping. 


According to an article from CBS, “Teen Blames Vaping After HisLungs Collapse”, Chance Ammirata recounts his experience with CBS.

“It felt like I was genuinely having a heart attack,” Ammirata continues to add, “I would say my chest felt like it was collapsing and tightening up and I couldn’t breathe.”

Furthermore, Chance’s surgeon explained that Ammirata’s lungs were indeed inflamed, which may have been caused by something he inhaled.

Ammirata informed CBS that he believed vaping e-cigarettes, or juuling, since he was 16 years old, was the cause of his lung collapse. 

Dr. Emily Chapman, chief medical officer of Childrens’ Minnesota Hospital, explained that according to the results of four boys and girls ages 16 to 18, there was a pattern of asymmetry in the lungs or inequality of size of each lung.

Chapman added, “her patients decline rapidly in just a week: “They go from healthy adolescents to really in a life-threatening situation.””

CNN states, “teenager Adam Hergenreder now has lungs like a 70-year-old” after vaping.

Hergenreder explained that he is not sure if his lungs will ever become normal again because of the damage from juuling.

Adam worried if he will be able to enjoy his hobbies, “I was a varsity wrestler before this and I might not ever be able to wrestle because that’s a very physical sport and my lungs might not be able to hold that exertion. … It’s sad,” 

Although more research is needed, recent events demonstrate that vaping can lead to lung collapse.