Rethinking Pro-Life


An ultrasound of an unborn child

Rethinking Pro-Life

By: Carsyn Hall

“A sister killed her baby ‘cause she couldn’t afford to feed it.” Prince brought this to our attention in 1987 with his song “Sign o’ the Times.”

Mothers carrying children should be able to make their own choice of whether or not they should follow through with their pregnancy, in which the baby’s future relies on how they are able to live. Abortion makes sense in situations where some mothers are not financially stable, the child would be born with diseases that cause them to die soon after birth, and those who put their baby up for adoption can possibly cause depression and mental health issues for the child.

Medically, having the baby can create a large amount of problems, with either the mother, or the baby. For example, according to, a healthy and athletic woman named Tara Hanson died six days after she gave birth from receiving an infection during her pregnancy. In other scenarios, the baby will not live long after birth, which causes trauma for its family. A story from says a woman named Sarah Speake had given birth to her firstborn Amelie, but sank quickly into a suicidal depression after her baby died 11 days after birth. Even if death is not the affect, some children with diseases such as autism or down syndrome causes disabilities for their life.

According to, 76% of American want some restrictions on abortions. 8% say that abortion should be forbidden no matter what circumstances. These people say that putting the child up for adoption would be the more civilized route to take rather than having an abortion. However, putting the baby up for adoption can cause mental issues in the child’s future. The thought of their family not wanting them can make them feel unloved and/or depressed. According to, Mia Storm, a former foster care member, says that the adoption home made her feel “so broken.” Storm spent 14 years of her life in the foster home, and says that she will never gain back those years. According to, the Calizaire sisters remember one foster care parent making them sleep in a dog house and eat dog food. They say some foster care parents wouldn’t feed them, would keep locks on the refrigerator and would sometimes starve them as a form of punishment. This further shows how adoption and foster care could be the wrong route to take when thinking of having a baby. Can you imagine your child being treated like that?

Families with low incomes may run into problems when it comes to having a baby. According to, children ages 0-18 will cost $200,000, not including college. Having the baby can result in financial debt, not only making life harder for the family, but for the child as well. Bad childhood, unsafe living conditions, and health issues can also be issued from families who are not able to support their baby. According to, 40% of abortions are had because the families are not financially prepared. This lifestyle results in severe poverty, making living conditions tough on the child. 

Immaturity is not idle for pregnancy. According to, 7% of women have abortions because they are not independent or mature enough to sustain another human life. Under these circumstances, abortion prevents the baby from a rough lifestyle, due to the mother being unable to support the child. Also, young pregnancies are dangerous, because most teenagers are not fully developed and therefore, not physically prepared to carry a child healthily.

Pregnancy is a time to share a life with a loved one, and to reproduce for family purposes. However, this isn’t always the case. According to, about 5% of pregnancies resulted from rape, about 32,000 pregnancies. Women who did not intend on pregnancy should have the choice of abortion. Women who experience rape have to live with the trauma the rest of their lives, and having the baby can further remind them of that experience, causing mental issues for the mother. 

As Prince said, “Hurry before it’s too late.”