High school graduation day is days away


Graduation caps being thrown

Aneecia Owens, Editor

The class of 2021 is currently preparing for its big graduation day. Seniors have waited four years to walk across the stage and it could trigger many emotions in students, teachers, and family members. 

Future graduates are feeling many emotions. Some are excited to leave high school and experience a new chapter in life while others are more fearful of what’s ahead. Imani stated, “I am honestly nervous, yet excited for one chapter to close and another to begin.”  This is a common way to feel because being able to celebrate accomplishments is always exciting but also the thought and preparation for experiencing something new might be frightening to some. Asked about her thoughts on graduating, Jaliyah Melvin stated, “I am not prepared. It’s scary to be 18 and forced to dive headfirst into responsibilities.” This is also something many seniors can relate to because, after graduation, most people continue their education or the workforce. This brings a lot of responsibility to many and some people are not ready for that yet. 

For the past year, COVID has not been very kind to the majority. This school year many students have been learning virtually instead of actually being at school. This has caused seniors to miss out on seeing their friends. However, graduation day is the day where all seniors come to celebrate their achievements. Elena Keller stated, “I am looking forward to seeing all of my fellow seniors that I haven’t seen all year.”  The feeling of seeing all the seniors back in one setting is exciting, especially considering the big occasion.

Of course, seniors have so many emotions from just thinking about the big but they aren’t the only ones. Parents also have many thoughts running through their minds thinking about their child taking the next steps in their life. Imani Whidbee stated, “My parents are very excited but also nervous because they know that I’m leaving soon.” For many parents, their students are going to be out in the real world and they have to let them go. For most parents, graduation is a bittersweet moment. 

Seniors have a few more weeks left in their high school journey, and the ending is marked with a graduation ceremony. While a range of feelings are felt during these moments, seniors should feel proud that they’ve made it this far.