What made high school so fun?


John Roark

Students in a classroom

Aneecia Owens, Editor

High School is coming to an end for seniors, and they have been heavily reflecting on what they’ve done in the past. A lot of people didn’t just think of school as just a boring place for academics but as a place where people can join extracurriculars and make new friends and memories. 

There are some seniors who have taken up sports within these four years.  Zhaire Casteal, from the track team, stated “I like how competitive track is and how we travel and meet new people.” Being in sports requires a lot of competition that leads to team bonding. This can cause healthy rivalry and long-lasting friendships.

Many students became interested in the arts during their time in high school. Ashley Gambrell, a band student, stated, “I like participating in band because it gives me friends and family and throughout the years I’ve learned leadership skills and grown into the person that not only my peers respect but I myself am proud of.”  Being a part of any program involving the arts can be fun and exciting. Creating different sounds or visuals with others can be thrilling not only for the performers but also for the audience. 

The school has had numerous clubs and programs that students could participate in. These clubs are always optional to join but also cater towards one’s specific interest. Tahirah Gerald, a member of student leadership, stated, “Student Leadership helps me be someone that my peers could go to if someone were to need my help, it also helps me learn about the people around me and helps me work on my own leadership skills.” 

Jasmine Garrett stated “As I am about to graduate, I have decided to enlist in the United States Army. With me being the Battalion Commander in JROTC, I am two steps ahead because I have learned and retained so I can be successful.” These different clubs and programs have had a great impact on many seniors and they’ve learned many lessons that will be carried on throughout their adult life. 

Although these seniors will be leaving, it’s nice to know that they will be leaving with positive memories, life lessons, and good friends. Allowing students to join different clubs, programs, or extracurricular activities can have a positive lasting impact on them and it is important to be involved in school rather than just going for academics.