Record-breaking infinity pool opens in Dubai

Record-breaking infinity pool opens in Dubai

Christian Melendez

The world’s highest infinity pool has recently just opened in Dubai. The Address Beach Resort, a popular stay in Dubai, achieved this accomplishment after recently opening the pool to the public. This pool is not only impressive but goes as far as to earn the world record for the highest infinity pool in the world. 


The pool itself is placed at nearly 1,000 feet above sea level, with the exact height being 964 feet and 3.1 inches. This provides a spectacular view of the city. Not only that, but this height puts the pool at nine-tenths the height of the Eiffel Tower. As for the size of the pool itself, it matches the height, with the pool being almost twice the size of an Olympic-sized pool. 


Despite this impressive accomplishment, the hotel owns more than just this world record. Between the two buildings of the resort, there is a skybridge. This skybridge, which also holds luxury apartments inside of it, breaks the world record for the highest occupiable skybridge, at 965.7 feet in the air. 


An infinity pool is a pool that seems to have no edge and just drop off. While it may sound like a frightening concept, those that visit tend to enjoy the experience. Even at this height, infinity pools are perfectly safe and in recent years, have soared in popularity. 


Staying at the Address Beach Resort is no easy task, though. To enjoy the infinity pool and everything else that the Resort has to offer, such as phenomenal restaurants, like Zeta Seventy Seven, it would cost you about $967 to stay this week, but at the end of June, you’ll be seeing much better prices of $304 a night. Quite the difference.


As for the other amenities there are, the rooms are gorgeous with good room service available in package, and there are also hotel restaurants as stated before. Zeta Seventy Seven itself is named after the floor that it is situated on, which is also the same floor that the infinity pool is located on. 


Despite pulling off this world record and already holding another record prior to this, the company at The Address Beach Resort is proud, yet determined to keep improving their construction, and perhaps even go for more world records in the future.