Woman celebrates Mother’s Day by helping others


Christian Melendez

While most people spend Mother’s Day with their families, one woman spent her Mother’s Day traveling around the city of Los Angeles, giving away gift bags full of self-care items to women living in transitional homes. Laverne Delgado, a thirty-two year old who runs the non-profit organization Freedom and Fashion, delivered 700 bags to several different homes. 


Delgado spent her Mother’s Day weekend going all over town, from Pasadena to Skidrow, all out of her empathy for the mothers living in these homes. She gifted these bags to mothers who had suffered from homelessness, domestic abuse, and in some cases, even sex trafficking. 


Because COVID has made conditions worse for many in these times, Delgado chose to fill these bags with essential items that she believed the residents would need. Items such as shampoo, body wash, face masks, and similar items were included. Delgado was able to hand out seven hundred of these bags across L.A. over this weekend. 


Several residents interviewed, and all were grateful for what Delgado had done for them. Due to their circumstances, many of the mothers living in the residential homes don’t get this kind of treatment often, if ever. Delgado made their Mother’s Day one to remember. 


Delgado’s aforementioned company, Freedom and Fashion, was made to help women like the women that she met while giving out these bags. It works to help them overcome the situations that they previously went through and become empowered through fashion. Even though gifts are only a temporary break from reality, and won’t last forever, Delgado views that the smiles she receives from the women she gives them to make it all worth it.