What are juniors looking forward to during their senior year?


Annie Brown

High school students smiling.

Aneecia Owens, Editor

As the school year comes to an end, Juniors are going to be transitioning into their senior year  Many people anticipate their senior year to be fun and easy-going. They expect to participate in many fun events like prom, senior skip day, and graduation. 

The past few years for seniors have been unlike all the other years due to COVID. The pandemic has isolated many seniors in their homes and caused them to miss out on things they were probably looking forward to as underclassmen. The senior class of 2020 had a regular senior year until March hit when they had to attend school virtually and stay in quarantine for the most part. This caused them to miss out on prom and also have strict regulations on the graduation ceremony. This year’s class, the class of 2021,  completed their whole senior year with all the restrictions. 

There is still hope for the upcoming seniors. Although ideas of how schools are going to be operating next year are still being discussed, many juniors are optimistic. They have expressed their excitement for graduation. Kayla Harris said, “I am looking forward to graduation and just finally getting out of high school and looking for independence after.” Graduation is a rewarding feeling because it shows that the hard work the students did pay off. 

For many rising seniors, it is their last year to participate in sports, performing arts, and clubs. Many have a bittersweet feeling once it’s over. Paul Navis stated, “I would say the thing I am most looking forward to in my Senior year is finishing out my swimming in high school. Swimming all my years in high school has been important to me and is part of what I would consider important to me so finishing it out is an important accomplishment.” It is safe to say that seniors want to end their sports seasons or last performances to be successful. 

Everyone knows that senior year is filled with senior duties and getting ready for the next steps in life, which can be a lot, but in the end it feels so satisfying. Michael Gaither stated, “There are a few things that I’m looking forward to for my senior year. Finishing my eagle project, finishing band, filling out college applications, and choosing which college I go to, senior year is going to be special.” Filling out college applications and finally getting those acceptance letters back is something to look forward to. 

Senior year is very important. It is the year for students to participate in high school activities for the last time, prepare for the future,  and hang out with friends and family before going off to new places.