Boys from Fresno raise money to build a playground for a boy with cancer


Christian Melendez

In Fresno, California, four boys have come together in their community to raise money for a young boy with cancer. The young boy, a four-year-old named Robert, is currently being treated for Leukemia. Robert is being helped by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and his wish is for the playground that the boys are currently trying to raise money for. Their end goal is to raise $10,000 for young Robert. 


The boys are named Kyle and Ryan Kashian and Charlie and Mikey Bell, and are divided between middle school and high school ages. Since their Make-A-Wish foundation chapter is local, they’ve been trying to raise money for it in their own way. Currently, the boys hosted a local carnival in hopes of earning money for Robert. Money can be donated to them here.


When asked why they’re doing this, Kyle explained that they want to bring him joy through his hardships. So far, the boys are nearly halfway to their goal, at a total of $4,960. 


Robert himself is doing well currently, but he will undergo chemotherapy treatment for at least another three years. His family is in high hopes that he will make it through, and throughout this time, Robert has still been his cheery, happy self. He enjoys visiting his grandmother’s house to play on their playset, which is where his wish comes from. He’s always wanted to have one in his own backyard, is excited to get one, and can’t wait to enjoy his favorite parts, the spiral slide, and the wall to the clubhouse. His family says that he’s especially excited to finally have his own swing set.