Senioritis is back!

Class of 2021

Aneecia Owens, Editor

As many seniors are approaching the end of their high school days, they are starting to feel senioritis! Senioritis is when a senior starts to lack motivation to do their work as they are ending their time in high school. This is very common and no one should feel bad for feeling this way.  Seniors have spent the past 13 years of their life in school and being so close to that finish line makes it harder for them to focus. Many people are distracted because they are thinking and preparing for the future.  

Not all seniors are experiencing this but a large amount of them have been affected by it. For many seniors, senioritis didn’t hit them until the second semester started. Morgan Franklin stated, ‘My senioritis started in mid-march. Every time I tried to do work I get that ‘I already got accepted into college mind.’” While Julissa Rodriguez-Ayala stated ¨Second semester, I felt really unmotivated and tired, I was ready to graduate.¨ This is common because most seniors are ready to move on to their next steps in life. 

This senioritis has a little more of an impact this year because of covid. This pandemic has changed many people’s daily lives. For seniors it’s the same, as underclassmen they expected to have a normal year and to participate in all the senior activities. This was supposed to be their last year to perform in high school concerts, participate in spirit weeks, and see their friends before graduating. These are events that many underclassmen dream of experiencing when they reach their senior year but for the class of 2021, this was not what they expected.  

There are many ways to get through senioritis. One way is to stay organized, although the brain may seem a little messy, coordination is a good way to keep things maintained in a neat way. Another trick is to find motivation whether it is ending the year on a good note or even doing better than prior years. Studying can become dreadful but finding more fun ways to study like looking on the internet to find better study hacks or studying with friends can be helpful.

Having senioritis is common so this is not a bad thing to feel. Knowing that others relate is a relief. No one is fighting this battle alone, there is always someone willing to help, whether it be a teacher, parent, or even other students. It is important for all seniors to do well and finish strong.