Dog jumps off of a cliff, falls two hundred feet, and survives


Christian Melendez

A dog jumped off of a cliff at the Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona, leading him to plummet two hundred feet through the air before hitting the bottom. The miracle is that the dog survived.

While a family was visiting the canyon for a relaxing trip, their dog, named Simba, was enjoying running around and playing in the area. Simba is a goldendoodle and had been to this area before. This time, however, Simba became overly excited while playing, jumped too far, and went soaring right over the edge of the canyon. The family was in despair over this and could do nothing but pray for his survival. 

When they went to the bottom of the canyon to search for the body, they found a miracle. Simba had survived, but was in bad condition, having severely injured his right leg. After this, Simba was rushed to the vet, where he was quickly taken care of. While Simba will most likely never walk the same again, he will live and the family is so grateful for that. 

A small dog surviving a fall like this seems impossible, but in truth, it’s actually more so due to luck. A survival tip commonly spoken of for surviving falls from great heights is to fall feet first or to cannonball and land on your knees. This protects your internal organs from the damage that a fall would cause. A person, or dog in this case, is a lot more likely to survive a fall if they land on their feet, more so than any other part of their body. 

It’s most likely that Simba happened to land on his feet when he fell since the most serious injury was his right leg, and that none of his internal organs received major damage in the process. Perhaps it was instinct, or perhaps it was luck. Either way, hearing this story gives us a glimpse into a miracle, and that is something we should all appreciate in these times.