Ancient Egyptian city discovered after three thousand years


Christian Melendez

After 3000 years, an ancient Egyptian city has been discovered.Archeologists were amazed to find that this city was almost perfectly preserved after all of this time. The city was in pristine condition, with items left in perfect condition, and even skeletons found. This was an amazing discovery by these archaeologists, and only the beginning of more to come. 

This discovery happened after many years of searching for this city, named “The Rise of Aten.” It existed in its glory between the years of 1391 and 1353 B.C. under King Amenhotep III. During its time, it was one of the largest industrial cities in Egypt, which made the city one of the most desired finds for archeologists, although it was unable to be found until now. 

Finding the location of this city proved difficult because it was abandoned during Egyptian history.Records tell of the city being left behind and abandoned, but the reason is still unknown. Trying to solve the mystery of why it was abandoned made the city more desirable to archeologists to find.

When the city was finally discovered, archeologists were able to find many items that were nearly perfectly preserved, including rings, casting irons, pots that were used to carry meat, and tools for glass-making. Skeletons were also found, fully preserved, which made for even more interesting finds. 

According to the archeologists, this is the second most important find since the discovery of King Tut’s tomb. In relation to tombs, this city has many unopened tombs and burial sites to be explored in the future. Uncovering this city could answer more questions about Egyptian life, including the possible explanation for why this city was abandoned in the first place. 

And possibly the most shocking part, the discovered portion of the city is only half of it, the southern half. The northern half of the city has still yet to be excavated, and the archeologists are quite excited to unearth the rest of it, and see what answers that are waiting in there.