La Nina could lead to an extremely deadly tornado season this year.


A tornado in action.

Christian Melendez

Across the United States, surges of extreme cold have been seen in various states this year. This extreme cold landed as far south as Texas, which recently dealt with intense snowstorms that led to a failing of their electricity and water infrastructure. These weather conditions have more long lasting effects, however. Currently, a weather condition labeled La Nina by experts is sweeping the country, and could lead to a more deadly tornado season last seen a decade ago. 


La Nina is a weather condition that consists of extreme cold mixed with jet streams of air. These conditions move across the skies and across the country, forming the foundation for a surge in the strength and frequency of tornadoes this tornado season. A similar condition happened back in 2011, and the dangerous tornadoes soon followed. 


Before 2011, an event like this had not been seen in the United States in a century. Now, the gap was only a decade. This change is worrisome to many, and the effects can be predicted but not entirely. 


One bright side to this news is while these conditions of La Nina can be seen, the weather condition does not entirely guarantee that a stronger tornado season will follow. There are only signs pointing in that direction. If things work out for the better, the extreme weather conditions will have no further meaning behind them. However, no one can say for sure. Professionals are seeing the signs and reporting that, but they are still only signs. Nothing is certain just yet.


No matter what happens, families should reach out to those who live in areas where tornadoes are frequent during tornado season and let them know of the possible conditions. Those who live in tornado prone areas should prepare themselves for the possibility of a stronger season, keep up with the weather and news reports, and do their best to stay safe when the time comes.