Asian hate crimes on the rise in the U.S.


Alexi Rosenfeld

People at an Asian hate protest

Aneecia Owens, Editor

U.S. hate crimes towards Asian Americans have been increasing due to the CoronaVirus pandemic. These crimes include a lot of verbal harassment, physical assault, discrimination in the workplace, and just being ignored completely. Many people The general public has been unaware of the recent events that have been going on, so it is important for people to be informed.

When CoronaVirus was first introduced in China, rude and Xenophobic people saw that as an opportunity to disrespect the Asian community. This led to even politicians calling the virus the “Chinese virus” or “Kung flu” just to taunt Asians. Recently people have been targeting elderly and helpless Asians, and this year Asian citizens have been shoved to the ground, set on fire, slashed in the face, and have been hit by rocks according to BBC news. These Hate crimes rose by about 150 percent since 2020.

This is not the first time Asians have been the target of hate in America. In the 1900’s, East Asian Immigrants were accused of being the source of diseases like smallpox, leprosy, and malaria. When his is why after building the Transcontinental railroad and even completing the more dangerous parts, they were paid one-third less than their white peers. During WWII, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and this made more white Americans dislike Asians. Many Japanese Americans were taken away from their homes and moved to concentration camps.

Many Asian Americans denounced the treatment they have been getting recently. Winnie Jiang stated, “It is so much scarier to walk outside knowing the harassment has increased throughout the years and I’ll inevitably be a victim.” Alex Lee stated while referring to the elders, “I’m worried that when they go out to run errands they might not come back.” The act of going out is not the same, especially for older Asians. A lot of Asians fear for their life when they go out in public. Just recently in Atlanta, there was a mass shooting at 3 massage parlors where the main targets were older Asian women. The most recent situation was when a white man targeted

Since the Asian community is going through hard times right now, there are ways to help support them. The easiest thing to do is spread awareness and educate people. There are also many websites where people can make donations towards rebuilding Asian businesses. It is important that Americans recognize their own bias and work to treat everyone respectfully.