Building confidence in yourself


Dear Benny,

How do you build confidence and not compare yourself to others?


Comparing apples to grapes

Dear Apples to grapes,

Comparing yourself to others and having a lack of confidence is a hard thing to overcome especially as a teenager. Most if not all go through this so don’t beat yourself up about it. A strategy that I have used to help build up my confidence is to know who you are and know that you are your own person. Self-doubt can really bring people down confidence so if you can learn to know that you are who you are and know your values, your confidence will get better. For comparing yourself to others, I would recommend stopping comparing your life to other people’s highlights. Hear me out. What you see on social media is just a glimpse of people’s lives. You don’t know what actually goes on in their life behind the camera. I hope what I said is somewhat useful and remember everything takes time.