Preventing procrastination during e-learning


Dear Benny,

What can I do to improve my procrastination levels during E-learning?

Dear Waiting not working,

       During E-learning it can be difficult to stay focused and motivated. To improve procrastination levels you should try limiting the amount of time you have on your phone. You could also make a rule for yourself that you can’t be on your phone while you are studying. To enforce this you can shut your phone off or put it on the opposite side of the room. Another way to improve procrastination is to set goals for yourself like finishing a certain amount of assignments during the day so you can have all of your free time at night. Setting deadlines for yourself is also a great way to make sure you don’t procrastinate. Giving yourself an award like watching your favorite tv show after you finished a certain amount of work is a good way to help keep you motivated to do more work.

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