Bambi is by far the most depressing Disney movie 

JoAnn Edwards

¨If you don’t have anything nice to say, don´t say anything at all.¨ 

The most iconic line from the movie Bambi is spoken by Thumper. I am so sorry Thumper, but I need to save children from the horror that is Bambi

Dinsey´s Bambi was released in 1942 and is a classic Buena Vista film. Buena Vista films are notable for their exceptional hand-drawn animation.  Bambi is voiced by Peter Bhen. The movie takes place in the forest during the American Colonial period. In early spring a young deer named Bambi is born, son of the Prince of the Forest and Mother Deer. The birth of the young prince is a huge event for the animals of the woods. When all of the animals come to meet Bambi, that is when he meets his best friend Thumper. 

As Bambi grows older Mother Deer teaches Bambi all about the dangers of the woods and the meadow. Bambi’s father does not take an active role in his son’s life because as Prince he is supposed to constantly keep watch over all of the deer. Mother Deer is by far the best character in the film. She is down to earth and very caring for her son. During the winter she sacrifices her own food in order to feed starving Bambi. She does everything in her power to save Bambi from hunters. Twice she risks being shot to save him. 

In this movie, there were only three minutes that I actually enjoyed watching. When baby Bambi is trying to sleep a thunderstorm rolls in. At first, it starts with a gentle rain and the song, April Shower, starts to play. The song perfectly personifies Bambi’s emotions and is a really sweet song. The song displays Bambi’s childlike fears and ends with Bambi realizing that it’s just water and noise. 

The movie starts off cute with all of the baby animals being born in the spring, but there is no real plot in the movie. For the first 30 minutes of the movie, you fall in love with cute little animals frolicking in the woods. The rest of the movie is plotless death of slightly older cute animals. There is nothing like family movie night watching small animals get shot at. 

Do not let young children watch this movie unless you want to watch them cry as they struggle to find the meaning in the characters’ deaths. The movie depicts multiple animals being smoked out of the woods, attacked by dogs, and being shot by humans. When I watched this movie with my little sisters, I spent more time trying to help them cope than actually watching the movie. Please don´t let future children continue to be traumatized by this film.