Kill Bill Volume 1 is a killer movie to watch

Gianna Wedgbury

Action, sword fights, & a strong woman are components of Kill Bill Volume 1. It’s about a woman dubbed The Bride (Uma Thurman) who’s attacked on her wedding day by her former assassin squad in El Paso, Texas. She’s shot in the head by Bill (David Carradine), the leader & her ex-lover. She survives after thought being dead but her unborn child doesn’t. 

The movie skips to 4 years later as The Bride seeks out Vernita Green (Vivica Fox), one of the assassins. After she kills Vernita she crosses out the 2nd name on her list. The movie travels to 4 years ago after the El Paso shooting. Showing the awakening from her coma & her thirst for revenge. 

Kill Bill is directed by Quentin Tarantino. A staple of his movies is non-linear storylines. The movie jumps back & forth between events. It forces the audience to pay attention to understand what’s happening. The rest of the movie focuses on the steps The Bride took to kill the 1st assassin on her list; O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu), the yakuza of the Tokyo underworld. 

Tarantino’s movies are very identifiable. He makes choices that aren’t popular in other movies, making him stand out. 

His creativity is shown in O-Ren’s backstory. When O-Ren was young her parents were slaughtered by a yakuza boss in front of her. This scene is animated in a Japanese style.

Animation captures a certain beauty that can’t be achieved with live-action. There’s excessive blood, fluent fights, & heartbreaking images that would’ve lost their flair had they been acted out. It catches the audience’s attention & makes the movie different.  

Before The Bride can face O-Ren she must defeat her army, The Crazy 88. As she slaughters them she pulls a man’s eye out & the scene switches to black & white. The contrast of color to black & white keeps the audience engaged. It’s evident the special effects team, director, & choreographer put effort into this scene. 

During the fight, she blinks & it reverts to color. Having the switch caused by a blink is a clever detail. The lights then shut off, there’s a blue hue, & only black silhouettes are seen fighting. It’s so simple & pleasing to watch. 

The film has a great representation of a strong woman. Whereas modern films have failed at understanding the archetype of a strong female, this film succeeds. An example is Captain Marvel. It focuses on her being a woman who happens to be strong when it should be reversed. Her strength takes a backseat to her being a woman. 

Kill Bill does it right by having a strong character who happens to be a woman. A strong character is the essential part, not the gender. The Bride is a strong fighter who suffers but perseveres & is female. It makes her character more enjoyable for anybody to watch. Due to the effort, creativity, & greatly written characters, I’d rate this movie a 10/10 & would absolutely recommend it.