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Aneecia Owens, Editor

Social media has become an essential aspect of teens’ lives. Nowadays teens use social media for entertainment, connections, news, current events, and interactions. Social media platforms continue to be created and often new platforms replace older ones in popularity. During this time, especially while quarantine is going on, many young people have been using social media more than usual. There are many platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat that are very common, but Tiktok has taken the crown as the most popular app at the moment with 1 billion active users. 

The Tiktok app originated in China and was originally called Musical.ly in 2014 but was changed to ByteDance in 2016. In 2018 ByteDance creators decided to expand the app under the newname Tiktok. People on the app are allowed to make up to 60-second videos of whatever they want. These videos range from lip syncs to makeup tutorials, to dancing challenges, to fashion videos, and many more categories. This allows people to find videos that they are interested in by using the “For you page”. This shows users videos that align with their interests based on the platform’s algorithm. 

The diversity and interactiveness of this new app is the reason people enjoy using it so much. Skylar Symons, a highschool student, said “ You can express yourself and show the side of you that’s more goofy. And you can connect with other people through duets and stitches.” Stitches and Duets are features on the app that allow videos to be joined and fused together. This is most common when people are reacting to or dancing with another user.  Shania Muller said “ Everyone can relate to something on there! There is a ‘fyp’ especially for you. Tiktok can be whatever you want it to be.  That’s why it speaks for Gen Z.” This is how many teens feel because the content posted on this app can be anything, as long as it meets the community guidelines, so it has a large usage. 

Tiktok may be newer to the app stores, but it has gained so much popularity within that time. With all the videos out there, it’s understandable that many teens are so interested and invested in this app.