The importance of Tradition

Paul Navis

As holiday break approaches many are spending time with family and friends. Many have traditions they are used to doing year after year. Having these important traditions whether it be for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, or some other holiday, traditions around the world give these holidays their meaning for many people.

The holiday season seems to kick off for many at Thanksgiving. You can tell this just by looking outside after Thanksgiving when the Christmas trees and holiday decor emerges. The importance of family seems to come out at this time. Blythewood Junior, Griffin Wilson, said, “My family and I don’t have a lot of family traditions. We say what we are thankful for before eating on Thanksgiving. It’s just a nice thing to do”. The significance of these holidays each year is the importance and value of friends and family. Family traditions are called family traditions for a reason and the whole purpose of a tradition to many is to spend time with people they care about and promote the idea of the shared experiences between them forming bonds.. 

Popular holiday traditions in the United States typically include decorating with lights and gift-giving under the tree, many countries however celebrate differently. shows many interesting traditions around the world. One of these is in Sweden where there is the Yule Goat which has been made of straw. While the Yule goat has been a Christmas symbol there for a long time, Recently huge decorations of straw had brought it to the foreground. In Japan, Christmas is the happiest time of the year for KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken. Ever since advertisement in the ’70s, eating at Kentucky Fried Chicken has been seen as a Christmas tradition in Japan. 

Santa Clause, prominent in western culture, has many other versions out there in other countries. According, There is a creature known as the Krampus which is meant to be an evil version of Santa Claus The Krampus is essentially a goat-looking devil that has chains and a basket for dragging bad children into hell. The Krampus is depicted in the streets in what’s known as a Krampus run with people in costume. Countryliving also talks about the yule lads in countries such as Austria. These 13 spirits are sent door to door, one a night, to fill good children’s shoes with candy and bad children with rotten potatoes. 

Some people feel traditions are important because it shows the importance of the holiday. Jason Thornhill, a Blythewood citizen, said, “On Christmas morning before we eat, sometimes directly after we eat we read the Christmas story.IT is just a nice reminder of what the season is about. The tradition of gift-giving is from the three wise men so it’s just a nice reminder as to why we do this. And because as a Christian Christmas is all about Christ’s coming, I believe the most important part is reading the Christmas story in the Bible.”Holiday traditions are meaningful and should be cherished because of the connection they create with those important people in our lives.