Christmas Decoration

Aneecia Owens, Editor

Christmas is approaching fast and people are already feeling the spirit, while others aren’t super enthusiastic. The debate on when people should be up their Christmas decorations has been going on for years, but why do we actually decorate evergreen trees this time of year?

  During ancient Egyptian times, Egyptians worshipped Ra, a god with a hawk head that wore the sun as their crown, and after every winter solstice, Ra would recover from his illness so they celebrated by putting green palm rushes in their houses to symbolize life and death. 

Saturnalia was a feast celebrated by ancient Romans to mark the solstice. The name originates from Saturn, the god of agriculture, and since solstice meant that farms and nature would soon be good and fruitful, they decorated houses and temples with evergreen boughs. Also in Northern Europe, priests of ancient Celts decorated temples to symbolize everlasting life while Vikings native to Scandinavia believed evergreens were sent by the sun god, Blader. 

Although these traditions were somewhat similar to the traditions of Christmas, Christmas tree decorating originated in Germany during the 16th century. Christians put decorated trees in their house. Then when German settlers settled in Pennsylvania they put up community trees that weren’t accepted by many Americans. In the 1890s Christmas ornaments finally arrived from Germany and Christmas trees became popular around the U.S. 

Now instead of Americans arguing if people should put a Christmas tree up in general, people now debate on whether the Christmas decorations should go up after Halloween or after Thanksgiving. 

Allyson Chips said ”You have the whole month of December to set up decorations before Christmas. Enjoy Thanksgiving then Christmas.” She, as well as other people, believe that Thanksgiving should not be skipped or left out. While describing the month of November, Grace Clark said “It’s a transitional period so I’m still feeling spooky but gradually getting into the holiday spirit.” 

Many others have the Christmas spirit right after Halloween. Aiesha B says “Thanksgiving shouldn’t even be a holiday in my opinion.” One major factor as to why people oppose early Christmas decorating is because Thanksgiving hasn’t even been celebrated yet. Many people do not see this as a valid holiday, therefore they feel the Christmas spirit early on. 

Studies have shown that Christmas decorations can make a person happier so hopefully, people become joyful and festive as soon as they start decorating no matter when they decide to do it.