COVID 19 negatively affects school activities


Megan DeMatteo and Leslie Jones

Students sitting down at the table.

Aneecia Owens

Getting involved in school clubs, extracurriculars, and organizations can give a student a lot of positive experiences. These activities act as an outlet, a place to meet a new friend, or something to help them in the future. Due to COVID 19, many clubs and organizations have taken a hiatus. Although this has caused many people sorrow, high school seniors are especially negatively impacted since this will be their last year to participate in any high school activity.

For many seniors, they’ve been in the same programs throughout high school. Many seniors have expressed how these activities have given them great joy throughout the years and they have been working hard while participating in them. Gali Ramos stated, “I have put in countless hours into the choir program since my freshman year only for my last year to be a bust.” While disappointed, she still said, “Even though choir and ACA from home are not ideal, it is really forcing me to pull my own weight and focus on myself becoming the musician I want to be.” Even though the situation is different, there is still something to learn from it.

Many activities have been canceled and that has taken away opportunities for these seniors. Shania said, “All of the remaining Junior League of Columbia activities were canceled for Spring of 2020, and I was especially excited about volunteering at the homeless shelter and meeting other girls.” Kyle Brantley, who was an intern for Adair, the Democratic Candidate for SC 2nd congressional district,  before the COVID 19 outbreak, stated “since COVID, I’ve been impacted tremendously. I haven’t been able to learn what it takes to run a successful campaign.” 

Some clubs have struggled to transition effectively. Adam Bearden stated, “It’s hard because most of the clubs I’m in don’t know what to do so everyone is just stuck, and I need to do activities like fundraising to get a chord.” All of this confusion can cause many problems when it comes to students’ needs for their future. 

Although students have put in a lot of time and effort into these activities, it is sad to know their last year could not be what they wanted.