Transitioning from high school to college during a pandemic

College logo map

Picture of different logos from colleges around the U.S. in the shape of the U.S.

Aneecia Owens

The class of 2020 has been preparing for college since the beginning of their senior school year. They hoped to have the typical college experience their freshmen year, moving into dorms, meeting new acquaintances, and living away from home. Since the COVID-19 global pandemic has taken over, college freshmen cannot enjoy the full college experience they were looking forward to. Many colleges have given students the option to either take online classes at home or on campus or physically go to class. 

Some students have taken the online school route, although that was not their ideal plan.  Atiya Goodman, a student at Midlands Tech, said “the college websites are more difficult as well as the process itself.” Other students were looking for more hands-on professors but that can be difficult through a computer screen. Macy Kimpson, another Midlands Tech student, stated “I was really looking forward to having supportive professors.” 

Other students have decided to attend school on campus. Campus life has had some major changes since the pandemic.  Raylin, a freshman at the University of South Carolina, stated “ I really wanted to use the facilities offered, but so many were closed.” This is a struggle for many students wanting to get involved in their school’s activities. These differences, plus trying to have a social life, are hard to manage.  Maddie Rose, another freshman at Valencia College stated “I was really looking forward to making new friends, but due to Corona I can’t really do that.” 

Although their college year started off rocky, there are still many things to look forward to, especially as COVID  gets under control.  We should wish all school students, especially the Class of 2020, a happy and healthy school year with the hope that one day, these students will have a traditional college year.