Extracurricular School Activities

Extracurricular School Activities

Mallory Hemphill

As we’re out of school for the rest of the year, a lot of students participated in extracurricular activities. For incoming freshmen or upper-class students, there are a lot of student activities you can do during your school year. 

Sports is such a really good school activity to involve in. There’s football, basketball, golf, cross country, track and etc. It involves being a good team and having fun. You’ll get along with your team, it’s not always about winning every single game you can but it matters about putting in work and having fun at the same time. 

Dance is another good activity to do. It’s really fun to do, doing different types of dances. Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and a couple of more. For my personal experience, it was really super fun to do. You have Dance 1, Dance 2, Dance 3, and then T&G. I will be doing Dance 3. You can perform in the Winter concert or the Spring concert. It depends on when you have a dance in your semester. 

Orchestra, Band, and Chorus are a really big activity too. A lot of students love it. It’s very fun and you can show your talents through it by singing your heart out or playing some fire sounds on the instruments. It’s a really good activity to join in with others. Performing also.

Clubs are also a really good activity to join. There are different kinds like Beta Club, Kpop dance club, and many others. Basically, there’s a lot of school activities you can join in. There’s more information on our school site.