Pros and cons of long-distance dating

Megan Dinkins

Pros and cons of long-distance dating

By: Megan Dinkins


Long-distance relationships can be very complex, and they’re definitely not for the immature. They can be both beneficial and detrimental. Personally, my boyfriend just moved to Idaho and it has been challenging so far. Not being able to see him every day like I used to makes me feel lonely and like we’re not even together. I can’t decide if I want to stay with him or not.


According to, long-distance relationships can help build trust, emotional connections, and a strong bond. Without being in the same town as your partner, you are forced to trust them which is very beneficial to the relationship. The distance also helps you create a bond that is based on the emotional connection over physical attraction.


Along with the pros, there are also many cons. says that some of the cons are loneliness, lack of communication, drifting apart, and it gives more room for lying and trust issues. Without having your partner in the same town, there is a lot of room for miscommunication and lying that could lead to severe trust issues. It can also be very hard to keep dating someone and not be able to hug them or touch them at all.


To be in a successful long-distance relationship, according to, you have to keep a positive outlook and be good at communicating. In addition to this, it is important to keep your promises and commitments to ensure trust between you and your partner. It is also very important to plan to meet up. Though travel can be expensive, it is well worth it to see your partner and be able to communicate face to face. If you cannot travel to them for some reason, video chat is the second to best thing because you can see them and hear their voice.


Though long-distance relationships are tricky, they are still possible with good communication and trust. Both partners would have to put in equal work and dedication to succeed in their long-distance relationship.