Last minute guide to AP exams

Last minute guide to AP exams

Lizzie Lane

Due to Covid-19, AP exams will be taken at home. The testing begins on May 11 and will continue until May 22. AP exams are stressful, especially now that we have to take them at home. Here are some helpful tips to help you succeed on exam day. 


Try the Exam Demo.

The AP Exam Demo shows you what you need to do on your test day. You enter your information and wait for it to start and you submit your “answers” in the format that you will do on your test day. Using the exam demo will make sure that you aren’t lost on exam day.

Make sure you have everything you need.

When you take your exam, you need to have many things that are easily accessible during the exam. First, you need your e-ticket. You will receive that two days before your AP exam. You also need to know your AP ID and print out the exam day checklist. If you’re taking a world language exam, you need to download the app so that you’re able to take the test. Some classes also require additional materials for the exam, such as a formula sheet or a calculator. The list of course-specific information can be found here.

Know what’s being covered and what’s not.

Some topics will not be covered in this year’s AP Exams. Make sure that you know what’s not being covered. Knowing what’s not being covered allows you to spend more time reviewing what will be covered. One good tool to review what’s being covered is watching the Online AP Courses. Those have lessons on some of the topics and they have practice AP questions for you to do. There are also specific practice questions for your exam in AP Classroom

Remember that you got this!

AP exams are hard and the current situation makes them harder. Don’t freak yourself out about it. Just remember to try your best, that’s all that matters. Good luck!