A Halt on the Roaring ’20s: Prom 2020 Canceled


BHS Students Elizabeth Nutter and Justin White at last year’s prom

Ashley Fisher

COVID-19 is still causing an abrupt end to the 2019-2020 school year. With the closing of schools comes the end of the most exciting last few months of the school year and the cancellation of this year’s prom. 

Juniors, seniors, and teachers were all devastated by the cancellation of this year’s prom. The theme for Blythewood’s prom was set to be “The Roaring 20s” and would have taken place at the Carolina Alumni Center this past weekend, May 2, 2020, had a global pandemic not struck. 

The junior class was responsible for planning the dance and spent countless hours and much dedication preparing. With this responsibility put on the junior class came extra pressure from the Junior Class President, Lydia Kim, to ensure that everything would be perfect. On top of her hard work throughout this year being wasted, she and many other juniors were unable to experience their first prom. 

Miss Kim shared, “I am very upset about prom being canceled in various ways. First, because my other class officers and I have been planning prom and took the time and energy to go to meetings after school and spend hours at spirit night to raise money. Secondly, it’s upsetting to see those who are seniors that could not go to their senior prom, and I feel terrible that this has been taken away from them. Although I am upset, I understand that there is a reason for it, Corona, and agree that it is only for our safety.”

Spanish Teacher Mrs. Meredith Blocker is the advisor for the prom committee and was looking forward to the joy prom brought to the students who would attend. She stated, “I feel extremely bad that we will not have our prom this year. I feel especially sad for our seniors who were looking forward to creating milestone memories as their last year of high school comes to a close. It is always fun to work hard and plan such a special night for our students, I really hate we had to cancel the event.”

The cancellation of this special night is extra devastating for the Class of 2020. In an instant, the best parts of their senior year were ripped away from them. 

Senior Elizabeth Nutter shared her feelings regarding the cancellation of her Senior Prom. She said, “It is heartbreaking that seniors will not be able to experience our last prom and possibly not even have graduation. While this is not the ideal situation, I know many of us have tried to look at the positives and use this as a time to celebrate what Blythewood High gave us and the memories we do have instead of thinking about what we may have missed.”

Blythewood teachers, administrators, and students have been working hard to try and make up to the seniors the time and events they have lost from their senior year and remind them of how special they are and what the future has in store for them.

While prom this year being canceled may not demonstrate the happy and optimistic feelings exhibited throughout the Roaring 20s theme, it is for the best and will be able to protect the safety and health of all those involved. With the cancelation of this special night comes a reminder to make every moment special, and not take the small things for granted as the big nights like prom can be taken away in a heartbeat.