Family activities to do during quarantine


Lizzie Lane

Having everyone stuck inside isn’t something most people are excited about, so you have to find something to do that everyone will enjoy. Here are seven activities to do with your family that will make quarantine more bearable. 


Watch movies.

One activity to do with your family is to have a movie night or multiple movie nights. Pick a movie that everyone would enjoy and make a bunch of popcorn. It’s a simple idea that everyone will enjoy!

Have themed dinners.

Everyone’s seen the TikTok trend where families have themed dinners, such as hibachi, Mexican, or even dressing up as a family member. Themed dinners spice up your usual dinner and they help make quarantine just a little bit better. 

Play games. 

Another activity to do with your family is to play a game. It could be a card game, a board game, or a video game. You could put together a puzzle or have a not-so-friendly game of monopoly. Whatever you decide to do, it’ll be something fun that everyone will have fun doing.

Go on a walk. 

If you’re looking for something that will get you out of the house, go on a walk, or a bike ride, with your family. It gives you a break from sitting inside and doing nothing all day. 

Build a fort.

If you want to release your inner child, building a fort is the way to go, especially if you have younger siblings. It will keep you occupied for an extended period of time and you will have fun doing it.

Bake something or everything.

If you want to snack on something sweet, baking is the way to go. Give everyone a job in the baking process and make something that will feed everyone. One place to look at for yummy recipes is Pinterest, they have everything from cookies to cake and there are many options to choose from. 

Spend time with younger siblings.

If you’ve reached a brand new level of boredom, this is the thing to do. If they’re much younger, try to play with toys with them. If they are only a few years younger, find a common interest, and do that together. You might actually find out that you enjoy spending time with them.