Coronavirus cases in the US increased rapidly causing everything from businesses, conventions, and air travel to close some permanently from the beginning of March. Resulting in schools closing and switching to online learning in order to not compromise the health of students and staff. With schools closing, seniors miss opportunities to fulfill memories of the last of their high school experience. However, juniors should not get neglected as there is stress over their future in regards to college applications, sports and scholarships. 

This year, due to the virus, Collegeboard announced that the AP exams are now online, shortened to one FRQ or free response question and the May, June SATs are cancelled. With tests being cancelled, concerns juniors who planned on taking their SATs at this time. 

Sadie Sanders explained, “My stress level knowing it will affect my college applications is very high because I was stressed about college before this, and now that I don’t know exactly how this is going to affect my college chances as well as the fact that I can’t take the SAT or ACT during this makes it’s hard for me to plan for the future.”

Maya Moran agreed, “My stress level is very high knowing this will affect my college applications. There are so many unknowns right now, when before the virus there was pretty much a plan for everything, and I was on track. Now I’m just worried how my applications will look after this is over.”

Isaac Sears had a different point of view, “ I am not too stressed knowing that it will affect college applications because I realize that everyone is being affected by this virus and colleges will have to change their requirements.”

Andrew Sullivan viewed similarly, “I am somewhat stressed about college applications but also considering that most colleges will account for the virus’ effects, I am not very stressed.”

Juniors who played spring sports this season have been affected by the cancelation as it limits their college offers. 

Maya Moran continued to discuss why she is upset, “Yes, I play soccer. I’m really upset that the virus has cancelled our season. I felt as if we were going to be very strong, and I also probably won’t ever play with our seniors again. Junior year is also a common time for recruits to come out and start getting noticed, which is going to be a lot more difficult now.”

Macy Moran agreed, “I play soccer in the spring and I am really upset that our season was cancelled. I understand why but junior year is another big year to be watched by colleges as well.”

However Sullivan again has different views, “Yes, I play lacrosse. Although I am upset about my season, I understand why it has been cancelled and the precautions that we must take to remain safe during a time like this.”

Like the seniors, juniors are also upset about not having the full high school experience. 

Maya Moran explained how she is upset, “ I am most upset about prom being cancelled. It was something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, and to me it seems like a big part of junior year is missing.”

In conclusion the virus has put juniors’ futures at risk also.