New definition of senioritis

New definition of senioritis

Ludia Kim

Since the beginning of March, the coronavirus cases in the US increased rapidly causing everything from businesses, conventions and air travel to shut down. The fear of the pandemic extended to schools getting shut down. However, with school being shut down, shuts down the last semester of the senior class of 2020.

Seniors are upset over the fact that their senior year has been cancelled due to the pandemic, making them emotional over the lack of the “high school experience” as their senior sport season, prom, and graduation all has been cancelled. 

Senior Kristian Hardy speaks for the seniors in theater and fine arts, “The spring semester is usually a time where we’re able to showcase all of our growth from the entire academic year. In choir, we have our annual Sing Spring concert which is our biggest performance and something that I’ve participated in since freshman year so in a way, the virus has canceled my “senior season”. It’s extremely disappointing because I have watched the seniors in years past enjoy their Sing Spring from the senior song to the dedications in the program and unfortunately I won’t be able to have those memories for myself.”

Ethan Poungthana, a senior soccer player stated, “I play soccer for high school and COVID-19 has completely cancelled my entire season. I was really looking forward to having the best high school season of my high school career and looking forward to senior night but I will never be able to have a senior night since COVID-19 has cancelled everything. I hate this and it sucks that I will never be able to finish my high school season of soccer.”

Student Body Vice President Elizabeth Britt explained, “Well there are many many occasions that have been canceled because of COVID – 19. The one that made me the most upset is the South Carolina Association or Student Councils  State conference. This was my last event with SCASC and I was really upset I wasn’t able to see my friends I have met through this conference. This was also the first event that was cancelled and I was very surprised and did not know to react.  If the rest of my senior year gets cancelled another event that I will have a hard time coping over would be Senior Assembly. This Assembly has meant so much to me since my freshman year because of all the work I have put into it. Being a part of Student Activities I have worked tirelessly on this assembly and each year I say “I can’t wait till it is our turn” but we might not get a turn.”

Collectively seniors are upset about the rest of their senior year being cancelled:

Nicholas Bostick the Command Sergeant Major at Blythewood High School’s JROTC, “I am upset about the virus affecting my Senior year, since it is the last time as a “kid” in local public school. You should be able to spend the last year with your friends without having to worry about catching a virus or social distancing.”

Ethan Poungthana, “4. I am completely upset about the virus affecting my senior year because it doesn’t allow for me to do things that I wanted to do my senior year. Everything being cancelled like prom or senior night which sucks.”

Ivy Lee, “Being stuck at home sucks and I miss seeing everyone, especially since it might be the last time seeing half of the people in school.”

Elizabeth Wyatt, “4. I am very upset about how COVID – 19 is affecting my senior year. Although, I know home is the right place to be right now, I would do anything to walk down that hall with my best friends one last time. Never in a million years would I have imagined that a pandemic would happen my senior year and take a way my last athletic event as a student, last time hearing Coach Watson  yell “go tigers” down the hall, my last time painting a sign in 401, etc. I just hope I can get some type of closure.”

Kristian Hardy, “I am upset about the virus affecting my senior year to an extent. It feels very odd to think that my last day in high school was a random Thursday and I won’t be able to attend any of the trips or ceremonies that were planned for these months. At the same time, it’s been oddly comforting to know that this is a national pandemic and every senior is going through these same emotions. Ultimately, I think it’s most important that any means necessary are taken to prevent the spread of this virus and put a stop to the thousands of deaths that have already occurred. If having a slightly unconventional senior year will save someone’s, life than I am more than ok with that.”

Overall, the pandemic is not only taking lives but also taking life experiences.