Dreaming in high-def during quarantine

Dreaming in high-def during quarantine

Dreaming in high-def during quarantine

By: Megan Dinkins


The coronavirus has made us all go a little bit crazy, but what does it do to our dreams?


People have started noticing a change in their dreams since the outbreak. This is a result of the stress that we’ve been under because of the virus. Professor Mark Blagrove, an expert in sleep at Swansea University’s department of psychology says that stress is causing us to have “more intense, emotional, or wild dreams.”


Dream expert Lauri Loewenberg explains that dreaming is just a continuation of the thoughts we have during the day. This being said, we’re all scared and anxious about the virus that has already killed thousands of people, so our dreams will be more extreme than before. She states, “‘When we are going through a stressful time in our life, our dreams will be a metaphor for the stress and magnify it.”


According to healthline.com, scientists aren’t exactly sure why we have vivid dreams, but they think things like stress, sleep disorders, medications, and other factors cause us to have these memorable dreams or nightmares. During the pandemic, people are worried about not only getting sick but also financial issues and isolation from family and friends. This backs up the previous idea that the stress from corona is causing us to have crazy vivid dreams.


Another factor of these vivid dreams comes from how much we’ve been sleeping. The coronavirus has caused us to have a different sleep schedule than what we’re used to considering we’re not in school anymore. Because of this, we sleep longer allowing us to fall deeper into REM (rapid eye movement) sleep which is when most dreams occur. This causes our dreams to be absolutely wild and extremely vivid.


Stress and anxiety not only cause our dreams to be vivid but also scary. Healthline.com says that “Anxiety, in particular, is associated with an increased risk of disturbing and intense nightmares.” This would explain why the outbreak has caused us to have weird and horrific dreams.


Not only has the coronavirus affected our everyday lives but also the lives we live in our dreams.