Got Time? Quarantine Activities That Will Save You From Insanity Carsyn Hall


Carsyn Hall

Got Time? Quarantine Activities That Will Save You From Insanity
Carsyn Hall

As schools are closed, sports are canceled, and stores are shut down, many students and adults are suffering from boredom while stuck at home because of COVID-19. However, there are many things to do during this time to stay productive and improve your well-being.

Create new recipes
At this time, shopping for food can be difficult due to everyone trying to stock up for this pandemic. However, this is a great time to get creative in the kitchen. By using what the store has to offer and the ingredients from your home, you’re being productive by using up what you already have and also making unique dishes to enjoy. Better yet, if you don’t know how already, learning to cook is a great use of time while in quarantine.

There are many ways to workout at home with no equipment. This could include free workout videos on YouTube, doing yoga, or taking a walk. “It’s important to keep your body moving because it’s so easy during this time to let it get stiff. I always feel better when I move around a little,” says Elizabeth Harden, a quarantined mother. Workout machines and going to the gym are not essential to staying active. In fact, Chloe Ting, a fitness YouTuber, has a free program of at-home workouts to do while stuck at home.

Read a book
Not only should you keep your body moving, but you should keep your brain active too. Research has shown that reading makes us feel better and more positive too, according to Business insider. If you’re not sure of what book you want to invest in, Life Hack has a list of 30 books that you should read in a lifetime. Just reading for a few minutes a day can benefit you greatly. We Are Teachers states that reading for just 6 minutes can reduce stress by 68%.

This pandemic calls for major disinfecting and a rearrangement. If cleaning a toilet is not your idea of fun, then take a different approach and work section by section. It’s always easier to break up the process into more manageable tasks because right now is a great time to organize and declutter the house. It will spark productivity and will help to clear your mind so you can focus on online school.

Catch up on TV Shows
Nothing is better than sitting in front of the TV to watch an episode of your favorite show. It’s important to take a break from watching the news and other channels discussing the Corona Virus and watch something that you enjoy.

Spend this time with your family
With everyone stuck in their homes, they are going to be around their family a lot more. Game nights, movie nights, or other weekly activities are a great way to get closer to your siblings and parents.

Though boredom may increase during quarantine, there are many ways to keep yourself busy, productive, and most importantly, safe and healthy.