Jobs You’ve Never Even Thought About

Jobs You’ve Never Even Thought About

Ashley Fisher

Are you stressed about college and picking the right major? According to a survey by Ellucian, 68% of Gen Zers feel stressed and are not confident in the major they have chosen or are planning to choose. However, there are many career options with decent to outstanding salaries that many students have not considered. 

1. Mailman: Average Salary of $51,390

People often take for granted their mail being delivered every day, but this job offers a good salary and benefits. A college degree is not necessary to become a mailman. Requirements to become a USPS mail carrier are a high school diploma, a clean criminal and driving record, and proof of US citizenship. After these requirements, you must pass the 473 postal exam and be interviewed.

2. Make-up Artist: Average Salary of $63,710

Nowadays, makeup artists, primarily for theater and performance, are in high demand. A high school diploma is necessary, but obtaining a certificate in cosmetology is also recommended to really boost your success in the makeup artist realm.

3. Speechwriter: Average Salary of $106,020

Some of the biggest names in politics, entertainment, and more often do not write their own speeches. They may have some input, but most of the final product is written by a speechwriter. Experience in writing and editing is very helpful to make your big break in this field. This could mean obtaining a degree in journalism, English, business writing, or even in a foreign language. Being fluent in a foreign language is very helpful so you can translate your speech for people all across the world. The more experience you have, the more likely you are to be able to work your way up in this business and be able to earn a salary of $106,020.

4. Celebrity Feng-shui Consultant: Average Salary of $250,000

Feng-shui is an ancient Chinese practice that deals with how objects are placed within a room and how this placement impacts your health and energy. Consultants rearrange spaces in a client’s home and give them advice on colors to use and ways to position objects. According to Hello Magazine, many celebrities including Khloe Kardashian, Madonna, and Gwyneth Paltrow are fans of Feng-shui. If you are able to get skilled enough in this practice and work with celebrities, you can earn a salary of $250 thousand. To become a Feng-shui consultant, you must go to a special Feng-shui training school.

5. Hydrologist: Average Salary of $79,990

A hydrologist studies how water moves across and through Earth’s crust. They then use this information to solve problems of water quality or availability. To become a hydrologist, you need a bachelor’s degree and to be promoted you must require a master’s degree. This degree must be in hydrology or geoscience, environmental science, or engineering with a concentration in hydrology and water science. Hydrologists work both in offices and out in the field and make an average of $79,990 a year.

6. Sanitation Engineer: Average Salary of $32,280

Sanitation engineers, or waste collectors, are often thought of as undesirable when in reality they are able to easily make a living. To become a garbage collector, only a high school diploma and a clean driver’s license with no DUIs or accidents is required. 

7. Art Director: Average Salary of $95,000

Art directors piece together an art gallery, plan events, and sell art pieces to the public as well as other art collectors. It is required to have at least a bachelor’s degree in an art or design subject and previous experience in art. The more experience you gain and the higher quality of art you work with, the more money you can earn from this job. Some art directors are able to earn a salary of $166,620. 

8. Loan Officer: Average Salary of $67,960

With prices getting higher and higher as a result of inflation, more people are starting to find it harder to survive. This has caused a high demand for loan officers. To become a loan officer, you need a degree in economics, finance, or business and a certificate certifying you to provide advice on loans. While the average salary for a loan officer is $67,960, the top 10 percent can make up to $115,450. 

9. Funeral Service Manager: Average Salary of $79,930

Becoming a funeral service manager is not easy but can be worth it since you can eventually end up earning up to $140,740 a year. Those in this profession are in charge of planning and directing funerals. To become one, you need a degree in either mortuary science or funeral service and need to pass a set of exams and work in the business for 5-10 years. 

10. Geophysicist: Average Salary of $91,763

Geophysicists study the Earth and its surrounding space environment using simple practices within science. Those in this field spend most of their time outside, investigating movements within the Earth’s surface and working on case studies. To become a geophysicist, you have to obtain a degree in science with a major in geophysics, geoscience, or a combination of geology and physics. To be able to take these courses, you usually need to have your Senior Secondary Certificate of Education which can typically be done through a technical college. While the average salary is $91,763, geophysicists can end up earning $183,703 a year.

Choosing a major is stressful, but it is important to do as much research as possible to hopefully guide your decision and help you consider professions you have never even heard of but sound interesting.