What makes a good student

What makes a good student

Carsyn Hall

What Makes a Good Student
Part 1 of a 2 Part Series
Carsyn Hall

Being a good student doesn’t have to mean making the highest grades or being the teachers pet. There are many other qualities a student can have to be considered an excellent learner.

A great student is someone who is determined to achieve greatness and learn new things. “I think what makes a good student is determination and focus because you need both to accomplish good grades and a bright future” says Megan Dinkins, a sophomore at Blythewood High. Without determination, it is impossible to reach goals and complete work. “Most successful people have amazing determination,” says Inc.

Respect not only affects how people view you, but it boosts your esteem and quality as a student. A good student is someone who shows respect towards their teachers and classmates. “I think that diligence, hard work, and especially respect defines a great learner. It’s the people who care about their learning who make the biggest impact on the school and their classmates,” says Meredith Blocker, a spanish teacher at Blythewood High.

“The students in my classes who are willing to fail and then after figure out why and take that to prove whatever they were doing are the best learners,” says Allyson Long, a world History Teacher at Blythewood High. An excellent learner is willing to learn and come to class prepared everyday. “A good student is a student with a good attitude, an open mind, and someone who is willing to try new things,” says the personal health and wellness teacher Dawn Fairy.

Someone who is obedient to their teachers and follows the rules is a respectful student. Obedience is key to showing the teachers that you are responsible and have a good attitude. “I think what makes a good student is obeying the teachers because if you don’t listen to them it affects your work ethic and obedience also makes a lot more people respect you,” says Ludia Kim, a junior at Blythewood High.

A responsible student knows that it’s their job to turn in assignments, arrive in class on time, and to take enough time to study and get help if needed. “Responsibility is one of the six most critical traits of successful students,” says New Field Press. Responsibility is a key factor to everyday life and helps people to prioritize their tasks. “I think that a good student always feels some sort of responsibility for their success,” says Macy Collins, a sophomore at Blythewood High.

The school system should stop pushing the idea of outstanding grades and the highest test scores on students, when in reality, it doesn’t take much to be a great learner. Instead, teachers should consider that students have redeeming qualities such as responsibility. Respect, and determination.