Letting a crush know how you feel


Dear Benny,

How do I tell my crush that I like him without being weird?


Dear Lost in Love, 

First, I would try talking to them and become friends so any conversation won’t be awkward or weird. After a little while of being friends start sending them signals that your interested so it won’t be as big of a shock to them when you tell them. Signals you could use for example are flirting, give them longer hugs, tell them you think they are attractive, and sit closer to them than normal. Once you start being friends, try talking to them more than just classes or school. Outside of school, ask them to hang out or FaceTime at night and make sure they know you’re not with anyone else. Letting them know you’re not with anyone assures them that your available and have nothing to worry about. After this, start talking about how you like someone but can’t them who it is. Doing that makes she/he thinks it’s them.

Good luck, Benny