Blythewood Hosts Richland 2 Special Olympics Event

Ashley Fisher

On February 13, Blythewood hosted Richland 2’s Special Olympics Basketball Event for elementary school athletes.

Not all elementary schools came, but almost 200 athletes participated. A few of the schools who were able to participate were Forest Lake, Jackson Creek, Lake Carolina Lower Campus, Bridge Creek, Rice Creek, Sandlapper, and Langford. 

There were three main events for the games along with other smaller activities. The first event was “spot shoot” where students shot baskets from six different spots around the key. The second was “target pass” where students passed a ball to a square on the wall and then caught the ball when it bounced back. The final main event was the 10 meter or circle dribble where students dribbled the ball as fast as they could for 10 meters or dribbled the ball as many times as they could for one minute in a circle.

While students were waiting to compete in the main activities in the big gym, there were other activities in the small gym for the athletes to practice and have fun. 

Mrs. Thompson and the AVID students here at Blythewood volunteered and helped to run the stations and set them up. The students enjoyed working with the students and encouraging them to keep pushing and trying their hardest throughout the events. 

On Friday, February 28, our Bengals will participate in the Special Olympics basketball event at Westwood. The students are very excited and can’t wait to bring home a Bengal victory.