The definitive ranking of Netflix teen rom-coms

Elena Keller

Over the past few years Netflix has been churning out dozens of teen romantic-comedies, with some getting rave reviews, and others…not so much. Here is a ranking of the top six of Netflix’s feel good movies, so you know what to watch on Valentine’s Day! It is recommended to only watch one, however, since any more than that will make you go as crazy as I did when making this list.


1. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before definitely deserves all of the hype it gets! The movie follows high schooler Lara Jean Song Covey whose life becomes chaotic after the love letters she wrote for every boy she’s ever loved are mysteriously mailed out to them. Due to complicated circumstances, Lara Jean ends up fake dating one of the recipients of her letters, Peter Kavinsky, and the movie unfolds from there. What really brings this movie to life is the two main leads, Lana Condor and Noah Centineo. They have amazing chemistry and so many adorable moments that it will make anyone a romantic. Not only does this movie have an adorable couple, but it also shows Lara Jean dealing with her mother’s death and the relationship she has with her sisters, which adds another layer to the story. This movie would be an excellent choice to watch with your significant other, with friends, or even by yourself this Valentine’s Day!


2. The Kissing Booth

This is an instance of a movie being so bad, it’s good. The Kissing Booth follows Elle Evans as she realizes she’s in love with her best friend’s brother Noah Flynn, who she’s forbidden to date. The romance is very cheesy with plenty of cutesy monologues and cringy dialogue. It includes almost every high school rom-com stereotype possible from the mean girls to the motorcycle-riding bad boy. The Kissing Booth is absolutely ridiculous on so many levels which makes it very fun to watch with friends. If you’re looking for something short and sweet, this is the movie for you.


3. Let it Snow

This feel good movie is suited for Christmas time, but can be watched on Valentine’s Day too! Let it Snow follows a group of high school students who are left stranded in a small town during Christmas Eve. Over the course of the evening the teens’ friendships and love lives collide, and antics ensue. Let it Snow showcases several adorable couples and is also the funniest movie on this list (in a good way). All of the teens in the movie feel realistic and sincere, which is an impressive feat considering there are eight main characters. There are also some pretty good one liners in this movie, an added bonus to the fleshed out characters and plot. So if you want some holiday cheer this Valentine’s Day, Let it Snow is the way to go.


4. Tall Girl

Most people know Tall Girl from the iconic line, “You think your life is hard? I’m a high school junior wearing size 13 Nikes. Men’s size 13 Nikes.” Besides the tone deaf way the movie handles the struggles of being tall, this movie can make for a relatively enjoyable watching experience. Tall Girl follows Jodi Kreyman who ends up in a love triangle with the tall foreign exchange student, Stig, and her short friend, Dunkleman. Jodi also has to deal with her own insecurities about her height throughout the movie. Possibly the best character in this entire movie is Jodi’s pageant winner sister Harper, played by Sabrina Carpenter. Harper is equal parts hilarious and terrifying as she throws knives while teaching Jodi how to be confident. While the prejudice Jodi faces for being tall is greatly exaggerated, the worst crime this movie commits is having her wear an ugly, Founding Father-esque homecoming outfit at the end of the movie. Overall this is a pretty typical rom-com and wouldn’t make for a terrible choice this Valentine’s Day (even if you have to listen to Jodi complain about being tall for over an hour).


5. Candy Jar

Candy Jar is one of the lowest rated movies on this list simply because of how boring it is. The movie follows two perfect students: Lona Skinner, who comes from a working class background, and Bennet Russell, who is very wealthy. Lona and Bennet have to work together to win their school’s debate championship even though they despise each other. Almost the entire movie consists of Lona and Bennet screaming and fighting with one another, which at first made the promise of romance seem far fetched. Once Lona and Bennet start to fall in love, it’s much too abrupt and the main leads have very little chemistry. This movie was also sold as a “comedy” but almost all of the jokes fell flat. I would only recommend this movie if you’re a fan of watching two people scream at each other for an hour.


6. Sierra Burgess is a Loser

The worst part about Sierra Burgess is a Loser is the potential it had to be an insightful rom-com about beauty expectations high school girls face, and how they learn to find love and love themselves. Unfortunately, this movie fell completely flat. In this movie, Sierra Burgess catfishes quarterback Jamey by pretending to be Veronica, a pretty and popular cheerleader. One of the number one problems this movie faces is how unlikeable its main character, Sierra Burgess, is. Throughout the movie, Sierra treats people terribly and emotionally manipulates her love interest. She doesn’t learn anything from the horrible things she does and ends up with an unlikely happily-ever-after at the end of the movie. This movie also has a prevalence of embarrassing scenes which makes it hard to watch at times. All in all this movie isn’t even bad enough to make fun of, and will only cause you pain as you yell at Sierra though the screen because of all the stupid decisions she makes.