Is prom worth it?


Elena Keller

Every year the average American family spends an average of $978 dollars, but is the event actually worth it? With prom fast approaching, Blythewood students weigh in on whether or not they think prom is deserving of all the money people spend on it.


Most of the students interviewed who had been to prom the previous year thought that the dance was worth all of the money. “It’s a memorable night,” said senior Jadyn Velpula, “it’s definitely worth the money.” Senior Callie Thomas agreed simply responding, “It’s prom!”


However there were some seniors who disagreed and remarked that prom wasn’t worth it. “People are spending a lot of money on prom, only to leave after an hour and not even get fed,” says senior Katie Gary. Despite Katie thinking that the prom wasn’t worth it last year, she says she still plans on attending this year, most likely spending the same amount of money.


This was a trend among most students interviewed, they don’t think prom is worth all of the money they’re going to spend on it, but that’s not going to stop them from attending. Junior Ella Tocci says that, “Yes I’m going to prom, but I don’t think it’s really worth all of the money. It’s not that fun, they play bad music for three hours, and it’s so crowded you can’t even walk.”


Junior Katie Stack agrees saying, “It’s good to go for the experience and to hang out with friends, but it’s still overrated.”  So even though students don’t think the event itself is enjoyable or that it’s worth all of the money they’re going to spend on it, they still want to attend just to say they did.


There are a few students who believe that you can still have a memorable night at prom without breaking the bank. Junior Brenna Yeary says, “I think that the expensiveness of it is due to the inability of people to budget and find out what cheap alternatives they can use while still having fun.”


Overall the consensus is that although prom itself isn’t that fun or worth all of the money people pour into it, the majority of high schoolers are going to attend just to have a fun night with their friends and live out the pinnacle of the high school experience.