Students’ favorite tv shows and movies


With new platforms, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus, creates advantages to teens to conveniently watch their favorite shows and movies. 

2019, was a year with new cinematics experiences and new favorites. However, different students have different preferences of the movies and tv shows from the previous year as follows:

Some students such as senior Mizuki Kamibayashi claim to like ongoing tv shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Macy Moran with her favorite show, New Girl. Another student, Meg Torres, favors an ongoing tv show, Good Girls. For others, like juniors Maya Moran and Skyler Anton, are fond of the new popularized show You. Lastly, Sierra Sanders enjoyed All American from 2019.

Others, listed their favorite films they have watched past year. For Meg Torres, 2019 brought her favorite movie, Booksmart. Academy Award winning Disney film, Coco, is a favorite of junior Daniel Moon. Junior, Washington Jaramillo, answered Creed 2 as his favorite movie from 2019. 

With the new year, students are now hoping for new films and tv shows to list on their “favorites”.