The Ted Bundy Tapes: I Could’ve Sworn She Was The Silent Type

This is part three of a three part series

Ted Bundy was accused of beating and raped over 36 women to death.  Bundy represented himself and ended up spending nine years on death row appealing his death sentence. All in all, Bundy’s looks, charm and intelligence made something of a celebrity during his televised trial. 

In July 1979, Bundy was convicted for the two Chi Omega murders at FSU and was given the death penalty for each murder. He received another death sentence for the murder of Kimberly Leach; Bundy appealed, attempting to appeal the case to the U.S. Supreme Court, but they refued to hear the case. He also offered information on unsolved murders to avoid Floridia’s electric chair, but the state could not delay justice and was executed in 1989. 

While Bundy ws raping and murding women, he had a wife and daughter at home, Elizabeth Kloepfer, met Bundy in a Seattle bar. Kloephfer was a single mom of a young daughter and struggled with alcoholism. According to Kloepfer, he was “warm and loving.” By 1974, Kloepfer started to suspect Bundy’s crimes, and when she questioned him about his odd behaviors like keeping a meat cleaver in his desk, he used his charm to deflect her concerns. 

Kloepfer secretly went to the police with her suspicion of Bundy’s involvement in local murders but they didn’t believe he was the killer due to his harmless charming nature. The pair remained together, although they grew distant when Bundy moved to Olympia, WA the following year. 

In 1975, Kloepfer went to the police again. This time she had evidence that helped them arrest Bundy. Bundy confessed to Kleopfer over the phone from his prison cell that he had tried to kill her and couldn’t resist his impulses when he felt “ his sickness building in him,” she later wrote. She broke ties with Bundy for good after he was taken in custody and wrote a book about her experience. 

On January 24,1989, Bundy was executed at 7 a.m. at the Florida State Prison in an electric chair known as “ Old Sparky.” Outside the prison, crowds cheered even set off fireworks after Bundy’s execution. Bundy’s body was cremated in Gainesville, and no public ceremony was held. Before he was executed he requested his ashes be scattered in Cascade Mountain of Washington State, where he murdered at least four victims.