How to Study for Exams


Study diligently

Carsyn Hall

How to Study for Exams
Carsyn Hall

Students often cram their study sessions in the night before their exams. Sometimes it’s difficult to find time to prepare for finals. Here are 5 tips to help study for the exam season.

Organize your study space
Having a messy work space can be very unmotivating and can cause your focus to shift. Make sure you have enough space to spread out your textbooks and notes. Some of us need everything neat in order to focus, whereas some work better in a more cluttered environment. Find out what works best for you.
Plan a study group
Get together with friends for a study session. You may have questions that they know the answer to, and vice versa. This also creates a laid back atmosphere where you can relax and be productive. As long as you can stay focused and prepare, this can be a very effective way of studying for exams.
Schedule time for studying
Don’t wait until the last minute to start studying. Yes, it is possible to cram and make good grades, but we can all conclude that this isn’t the most effective way to prepare or learn. Schedule set times for studying ahead of the exam. This allows enough time to learn the material you struggle with.
Use flow charts and diagrams
Visual aids can be a great way for revising. Use pictures, color coding, and other graphs to organize your information. In fact, an an article at written by Molly St. Louis, 65% of people are visual learners and thrive off of maps, whiteboards, or other images that display your work or other key information.
Take regular breaks
Students often think that studying for hours is the most productive use of their time. However, the best approach of studying is to allow yourself some brain breaks. If you were running a marathon, you wouldn’t run for 24 hours to prepare. A study by top universities shows that for the best retention, taking regular breaks really helps.

Exams can be very stressful. By being productive and using study skills to prepare, taking your finals won’t be so pressurizing. Good luck and start studying!