Ways to live a more positive life


Ludia Kim

With the beginning of each new year, people often make resolutions to live a better life. One step in this direction is to practice positive thinking. 

According to Mayo Clinic, studies show that living a positive life has health benefits. It may increase your lifespan, immunity to colds, better your psychological thinking, physical well being and build coping skills. It would also decrease depression, distress, and chances of the diagnosis of heart disease. 

Positive thinking to most is simple. However, it is harder than it seems. For others, positive thinking may be easier to come by. But with all the stress and pressures in life, becoming optimistic starts to be harder to achieve. 

One major step of positive thinking as is forgiveness as 70% of individuals reported that it decreased the ability of getting their feelings hurt, 13% claimed that it reduced their anger and 27% reduced physical pain complaints according to the University of Minnesota. 

Psychology Today suggests that people should practice gratitude, patience, good posture, selflessness and smile more often .

Practicing positive thinking limits the effects of negative thinking such as chronic stress which, according to the University of Minnesota, “body’s hormone balance, depletes the brain chemicals required for happiness, and damages the immune system” and overall decreases lifespan.