Teachers must be paid more


Ludia Kim

Motivating students, helping to develop of students, and working endless hours are some of the duties of a teacher. Although teachers do so much to help grow their students, teachers on average get paid only $40,900 a year in the state of South Carolina.

Those who are against increasing teachers’ income fail to consider that if teachers are not paid more, the interest of becoming a teacher in younger generations decreases. Not having enough teachers negatively impacts society and the economy as communities need fact on an educated community. 

Education is the basis of economical and societal growth as it creates jobs and prevents poverty. According to Investopedia, “Countries with a greater portion of their population attending and graduating from schools see faster economic growth…”Without teachers quality education is nearly impossible. Education also helps politically, as students gain understanding and form an opinion on politics, which creates informed voters.

Although teachers get extended breaks, they use the time during breaks to create new plans, tests,  attend training and grading papers. According to a survey conducted by SC for Ed, teachers work on average 46 extra days each year unpaid. So ultimately, their break is used to brainstorm and work in order to help their students learn the material in class. 

As teachers and students are in a classroom everyday, they build a relationship and teachers often are seen as a “second parent” to a student. They uncover talents or passions, character, and prepare students for the future. Teachers also end up spending their own money to buy supplies for their class in order for the students to understand their lessons. 

Ultimately, teachers truly teach the next generation of doctors, lawyers, scientists, new teachers, politicians and more. They teach the next world changers, so let’s demonstrate our appreciation, and we can start with their pay.