Students reflection on 2010s decade


Ludia Kim

The end of 2019 brings the end of the decade. The 2010’s represent the childhood of Generation Z, and as the decade concludes, so too does Gen Z childhood. 

The students of Blythewood High School, who are in Gen Z, reflect with nostalgia on being a kid within the decade.

Some  fondly remember are certain such as the Junior, Talia Textus saidm “my favorite memory is getting a nintendo DS for Christmas and playing it with my siblings.” 

Senior Dorian Hutcherson explained, “some of my favorite things in the 10s are Beyblades and WWE action figures, they all filled up my childhood.”

Others claimed that certain TV shows and social media was their highlight of the 2010s. Junior Tim Howard said, “from the 2010s decade I loved the Power Rangers. It would be the first thing I saw when I came back home from school.” 

Junior Meg Torres claimed, “Vine is my absolute favorite thing from the 2010s decade. It’ll forever have my heart.” Senior Philip Huang agreed and stated, “Vine is my favorite from the 2010s, but I can’t choose because I also liked Poptropica, early Youtubers and Funbrain.” Sophomore Jamie Stutler said, “Old Disney Channel has to be my favorite. There’s just too many good shows like That’s So Raven and Good Luck Charlie.”

For Senior Kailey Butler a time was the most memorable thing from the decade. She claimed, “Summer of 2016 I think was my favorite because I feel like it was the best summer of my life and marked the last summer before all the stress of growing up.”

While the memories from the 2010s vary, most Generation Z students reflect fondly on a great decade.